Thank you to Schenectady County for making Art In The Park possible for the the Summer of 2018!! 

Funding for this project made possible in part by a grant from the Schenectady County Legislature through its County Initiative Program. 

For the first week of the program the activity was tie-dye t-shirts to make a statement! Both of our groups did this,  giving them all an opportunity to wear their own design each week! 

"It was super fun! I liked being outside and my favorite project was the mobile. Oh and the tie-dye!" -  Nathan, 10, Schenectady 


The Kids' group started on their 3D sculptures the second week. They used newspaper, tape and glue to construct the body of an animal that could be found in Schenectady. Our Teen group went on a scavenger hunt! The challenge was to interact with your community using dialogue, quoting, haikus, and drawing.

"Every week there was something awesome to look forward to" - Michael, 19, Schenectady 

The third week our Kids' group used colorful paint to give their sculptures  faces, feathers, fur and personality! Our Teen group worked on drawing self portraits, aiming to portray themselves with details that are not seen on the surface. 

"A lot of the teens built their work schedule around the class to make sure they could come"- Colleen Wygal, Everything is Lit Instructor, Schenectady

For the fourth week our Kids' group learned how to fold an origami fish and decorate it with markers, crayons and more. Our Teen group worked on drawing from reality, trying to capture the imperfections of nature.  

"Are we doing this again next year? Because I realllly need it! - Angelica, 17, Schenectady

During the fifth week our Kids' group created watercolor paintings about something they love about Schenectady using both paint and markers. Our Teen group  buckled down and focused on their inner authors, all writing a short story of their own and sharing with each other! 

"It gave me a reason to come out of the house and do something fun" - Jeno, 19, Schenectady

For the sixth week our Kids' group used the science of balance and made their very own wind chimes. Out Teen group worked on spreading kindness around the park by creating many kindness rocks. 

"Each week was a nice experience to hang out and do something fun with people" - Serena, 17, Schenectady

On the last day our Kids' group used collage to make a 5x7 magnet to represent what they love to do in Schenectady. Our Teen group used chalk to spread uplifting an inspiring quotes around the park. 

"I really like the opportunity for the kids, and I loved that it was outside. Marion was great and kept a really relaxed and fun atmosphere. It was a great way to unplug. We went away on vacation and my boys were upset to miss a class of Art in the Park" - Kristina, mother to three participants, Schenectady

Funding for this project made possible in part by a grant from the Schenectady County Legislature through its County Initiative Program.